Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Alterations

Have you found the wedding dress of your dreams?

Shopping for the wedding dress is only half the work done. Alterations are the next big step to make this dress perfectly fit on your wedding day.

Although alteration is not as daunting as shopping for a wedding dress, it has its own set of challenges. So, getting your dress altered from Alteration Galway City will make you feel comfortable and confident on the most important day of your life.

Preparing yourself in advance for do’s and don’ts of wedding dress alterations will help you to get the best results. Here we have compiled the list, Take a look.

  1. Do select an alteration service that specializes in wedding dress alterations

It isn’t wise to trust for your wedding dress alterations other than your professional seamstress. Not all tailors specialize in handling complex wedding dress alterations. So, don’t risk your beautiful and expensive dress for cheap fitting costs.

  • Do purchase the dress if you are 100% sure

When you buy a dress, buy it only if you love it and you are 100% sure. Make sure that the dress you are buying is returnable.  In case, you change your mind and want to return it.

  • Keep aside enough time to complete all fittings

Set aside enough time for your wedding dress alterations. It requires at least 2-3 fitting sessions for the final fitting of your wedding dress. Make the first fitting appointment six months before the wedding, and the rest sessions after consulting your tailor.

  • Do remember to take all the necessary accessories to your alteration session

One of the most important things you should get it right at your wedding dress alteration is the hemline. A long hemline an invitation to a disaster.  Also, the weddings gowns that are too high spoil the complete bridal look of the dress. The height of the hell you are going to wear on your wedding day also affects the height of the wedding dress.

So, shop for the shoes soon after the wedding dress shopping and don’ forget to wear those shoes in your first alteration session.

  • Don’t forget to check reviews

Wedding dress fittings are expensive. If the alterations are done right, then it is worth spending money. But, unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. Whenever you select a person for your wedding dress alterations, do check their reviews before finalizing them.

Professional alteration services offer good service and will have happy customers as well.

  • Don’t get the wrong size

If you are on a diet, switch to a maintenance program at least two weeks prior to your wedding day. Don’t buy the wrong size; it will be very difficult to alter it. Accept how your body is at the time of your wedding day, and alter it for the exact measurements. A dress without a proper fit doesn’t look perfect. So, buy the right size and get it altered with the professional tailor.

Your wedding dress alterations should be like you can move freely in that dress. So, get your dress altered without any part bulging out and hanging anywhere.