4 Captivating Makeup Ideas for Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

Summary: Choosing the right makeup for your gold sequin bridesmaid dress is a must for you. Read on to have some makeup ideas.

So, you will be one of the bridesmaids at your friend’s wedding. You are too busy in helping the bride-to-be. But what about yourself? Have you decided what will you wear on that special day? Being a bridesmaid, you also want to look stunning. Wondering about from where to start with? Well, start with choosing your dress.

What kind of look do you want to have? Is it a regal one with a hint of glitter? Then, gold sequin bridesmaid dresses will be the right choice for you. But only choosing a dress is not enough. You also have to think about makeup. Wondering about how to look gorgeous with a gold sequin dress? Follow these tips –

  1. Face makeup

Gold is the hue that goes with most of the complexions. But you should be careful when choosing a gold sequin dress; otherwise, you may look like a disco ball. For your face makeup that will go with your golden dress, first, you should focus on achieving smooth skin. Smooth skin looks the best irrespective of what dress you are wearing. So, you should try to conceal the flows. After this, what color of eyeshade would work or the lipstick that you will be using with gold dress takes the preference. Once you are done with the basic makeup, half the work is done. Use a high-quality concealer based on your skin type. Use 2 to 3 shades light concealer on the eye circles. Hide them properly to look awake and younger. Now, apply foundation with either a brush or finger, whatever that you prefer to create a smooth canvas for the next steps of makeup.

  1. Blush

With a gold sequin dress, it would be better if you keep them subtle for the day time. Blush will add a glow to your face and will emphasize the makeup look. But too much cheek color can ruin the look as well. So, if you have fair to pale complexion, apply an apricot, peachy blush while for the darker skin tones, a wine blush would be good for you. Besides, you can use some highlighter on top of the blush to create more emphasis on the cheekbones. Furthermore, a contouring powder can also be used on the hollow of your checks to create a slimmer face look. Try to blend everything properly with a big brush as unblended makeup looks terrible with a golden dress.

  1. Lips

Red lipstick with a gold dress is a classy combination that can never fail to impress and grab attention in the crowd. You can use neutral eye makeup using hues like bronze, copper, gold, soft browns, etc. Red lipstick will give you a dive like look. Use a lip liner to line the lips before using the lipstick. It will create more dimension and provides a finished look to your pout. When it comes to red lipstick, go for the one that goes with your complexion. For dark skin, shades like rich red, deep wine, maroon works the best while for fair to medium skin, reds like orange-red, pure red, cherry red, pinkish-red will look great.

  1. Eyes

Use a bronze colored eye shadow and apply that on the lids properly. Use a medium brown on the crease to darken them a bit. Using a darker grey or charcoal grey, line your eyes and apply some bronze eye shadow on the lower lids as well. Apply mascara or false eyelashes to make eyes more beautiful.

These are some amazing tips that you can follow to look captivating in a gold sequin dress. But you can experiment with the look by trying something new. So, once you are done with your shopping for gold sequin or gold bridesmaid dresses, pick the best makeup idea and prepare yourself to look stunning on that special day.

Author bio: George Smith is a fashion blogger, who writes on sequin and gold bridesmaid dresses. In this write-up, he has given a few makeup ideas that go with gold sequin bridesmaid dresses.